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Louisiana Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom

To educate and increase understanding of agriculture and instill an appreciation for our renewable food, fiber and fuel systems.
— AITC mission

Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) is a distinctly focused, uniquely structured grassroots program coordinated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Our goal is to help students gain a greater awareness of the role of agriculture in the economy and society, so that they may become citizens who support wise agricultural policies. AITC is carried out in each state, according to state needs and interests, by individuals representing farm organizations, agribusiness, education and government. Our state program is coordinated by the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation.

Louisiana Ag in the Classroom provides resources and training for teachers to integrate agriculture across the curriculum. We do not ask teachers to take time out of their very busy instructional day and teach a lesson on agriculture. Instead, we provide lessons designed to support core subjects by integrating agriculture into lesson plans and upholding the Louisiana Department of Education Grade-Level Expectations.



Louisiana Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom State Chair Sally Ramagos


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We are pleased to announce that this year’s book for the Louisiana Ag Literacy Project in 2018 is “First Peas to the Table,” written by Susan Grigsby. This fun fiction book has a young girl competing in a classroom garden competition to see who can get the ‘first peas to the table.’ Based on the contest that Thomas Jefferson held with his friends and neighbors every year, this book seamlessly integrates school gardens, history, botany and weather into one fun-to-read book.  Download the Ag Literacy application here.