Legislative Affairs

The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation gives farmers and ranchers a strong, unified voice in the world of politics.  Our legislative team fights for farmers and ranchers, making sure your voices are heard loud and clear.  But we can't do it alone.  We need your help.

You can participate by signing up for Voter Voice.  This will allow you to know when we need your help getting a good bill passed or a bad bill defeated in the state legislature.  You will only be contacted when there is a need to contact your legislator about an urgent issue affecting agriculture.

We also keep you informed about legislative issues through our weekly Grassroots Government newsletter and video series. The newsletter will feature the latest video and links to news stories about the latest happenings at the State Capitol.  During the legislative session, it will also contain a list of bills that affect agriculture and their current status in the legislative process.

Click the signup button, enter your information and get involved in your government.

As the legislative session nears the end, legislation that affects agriculture is still moving through the process. This week, LFBF Legislative Specialist Joe Mapes explains where those bills stand and what one of them will do if it becomes law.