Protecting the Family Crest

You’ve heard it said before that the Louisiana Farm Bureau is a family. With that in mind, the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation logo is the family crest. It is something that should be respected, honored and held in high esteem. 

The purpose of this page is to give you, and anyone who may use the logo, guidelines to follow to ensure uniformity and continuity in the presentation of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation logo. These guidelines maintain the integrity of the logo and the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation brand. 

The most successful brands have consistency in the presentation of the logo. The colors are consistent. The typeface is consistent. The shape is consistent. Think of a brand you know and respect. Chances are, you think of the logo and the feelings you have toward that company when seeing that logo. This guide will help ensure that when people see the Louisiana Farm Bureau logo, they think of agriculture, they think of family and they think of an organization that’s 137,000 members strong. 

We ask that you see this guide not as a mandate, but a tool; a tool that helps Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation accomplish its mission to represent farmers, ranchers and rural residents and the issues important to them. By protecting the logo, we give strength to the symbol of the Louisiana Farm Bureau family and remind those who look upon it that together we are The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture®.


The type in the logo can only be the ones designated in the logo. The “Farm Bureau” font is Koch Geometric Bold and the location section can only be Humanist 561 BT Roman. 

The only change in the logo is the location. That space is only reserved for the location of your Farm Bureau, whether it be state or parish. 

The Louisiana Farm Bureau State Office will provide each parish Farm Bureau a custom logo upon request. Under no circumstance can the type on the logo be stretched, skewed or transformed in any way.



Just like the type, the shape of the logo cannot be altered. This includes stretching, skewing or cutting the shape of the logo in any way. The logo can be resized to be bigger or smaller, but it must remain in proportion and include the registered trademark. 

The outline shown explains the essence of the shape. If you take away any element, from the outer maroon border to the inner white border, it changes the interpretation of the logo. Every element of the logo adds up to the complete symbol of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation. 

The maroon block must be shown with the text at all times with the text and elements within the rectangular shape right justified. The registration mark at the bottom right of the logo must not be removed. This is the registration mark that shows this logo is trademarked to Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation. 



The color of the logo is PMS 202 CV, commonly known as Farm Bureau maroon. This helps with brand recognition to new and potential customers, volunteers and consumers. The color is essential as it gives the audience interacting with our logo the tone of our organization. People interpret red as powerful, energetic and passionate, which would describe our members and their passion for Louisiana agriculture. Most people will remember a brand’s logo through color, like a certain company with “Golden Arches” or a certain beverage with red and white elements recognized all over the world. 

All color codes for this maroon are listed below, which is important information when communicating with your printer or vendor. In the event the logo must be in one color, the logo can be in black with white lettering or white with black lettering. Reproduction of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation logo in colors other than those outlined here is not permitted without prior approval by the Louisiana Farm Bureau Communications Director and/or Louisiana Farm Bureau Assistant to the President. 

Pantone 202 CV; CMYK: C9 , M100, Y64, K48; RGB: R134, G38, B51; HTML: 862633


“The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture®” is a registered trademark. There is a specific way to present the slogan with the logo. The slogan must be at the bottom of the PMS 202 CV logo in Humanist 561 Bold Italic in black. Upon request, the slogan can be on the side of the logo. In the event the logo can only be in one color, you can use the logo and slogan in black or white. 



To make sure the logo is clearly defined within any work, there is a mandatory minimum margin space. When other text or graphics encroach on the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation logo, the brand is compromised. The margin is the distance any text, graphics, etc. can be placed by the logo. All text and graphics must be at least one segment away from the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation logo. One segment is equal to the distance between the letter U in “Farm Bureau” and the edge of the right inner white border.